Friday, June 24, 2016

A Smidge of Normalcy

So, lately, I've been feeling pretty ok.  Not overly ambitious or even down; just... normal.

I've been getting things, done, that need to get done, instead of avoiding them.

I've been angry, when necessary, but still able to recognize my love for the person I'm angry with; therefore allowing myself to be angry in a healthy way, being able to get over it in a timely manner.

I've been happy, but not to the point of extreme high.  I had a brief moment of triggered depression, due to something I've been struggling with since my late teens, but it passed, quickly.

I'm thinking this is what normal is supposed to feel like.

I like it when I have these moments; they're the ones that have me thinking that maybe the meds are working as they should... maybe things are going to be truly ok, from here, on out.  Maybe I can cope better than I thought or have, in the past.

Maybe it will always be like this.

I write this down because, if experience has taught me anything, it's that the faultiness of my brain chemistry is the only sure thing when it comes to my every day moods.

So, I enjoy it, while it lasts.  I'd like to think I can make it stay for the rest of my earthly existence.  I wonder if brain power really is that powerful?  I think it is.  Maybe someday I'll get to that point of awesomeness and be able to "make it so".

For now, it's a good day.

It's been several good days.

Life is good, no matter the status of my brain at the moment.

I write this, down, because sometimes I forget.

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