Thursday, June 30, 2016


I think I'm going into manic mode...

My hands are shaky, as if high on caffeine... they want to fly faster on the keyboard than would be rational.  My brain feels the same way.  I'm feeling spontaneous and very energized.  I'm supposed to be working but I can't focus.  I thought about writing in my blog, and BAM - here I am.

I'm hoping to use this to my benefit, today... I could sort of feel it coming on, yesterday.  I was flitting around my house, accomplishing many things here, and there.  It didn't occur to me, till last night, that I hadn't sat down, in a while.  I got a lot done, though!

I'm hoping for the same thing, today.  I have a lot to get done that's been on my list, for a while.  It seems my list sits stagnant for a bit, then I hit manic mode and fly through it.  I'm ok with that.

I'm doing something, today, that I've most likely been subconsciously avoiding, for many years.  I'm anxiously hoping I'm successful.  The fact that I'm taking this step is huge, enough.

Ok... I do have to work.  I want to keep typing and typing because it's the only way to satisfy my fingers.... they have to keep moving and moving and moving.........

I'll have to do a post-post (ha ha!) to do an after effect of days, like this.

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