Friday, June 10, 2016

Starting Somewhere

I feel hesitant in writing about this.

I'm a writer.  I write things.  I love words and artfully blending them, together, to portray my inner-most workings.

I've learned to be a successful writer, you have to write what you know.

I don't always know what's going through my mind, but I do know if I put it down on paper, it makes more sense.

I found out, over a year, ago, that I have Manic-Depressive Disorder; otherwise known as Bipolar.

You'd think this would come as a shock, but it didn't, for me.  Things started to make sense.  I was able to go over many events in my life that just didn't seem like me and they just made sense.  I felt the pain, all over, again, but then I immediately felt the healing begin.  I was finally able to understand a little more about myself.  It was a very emotional but very cleansing moment.

So, here's me.  In blog form.

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  1. I'm so glad you are writing... we can inspire each other! <3