Friday, July 8, 2016


I'm starting to feel a little overwhelmed and failure-y, today.

I have so many things to do and so many lists with those things on them and I feel like I have no time to get any of it, done.

I over-slept, this morning, and I'm not even dressed, yet.  I feel like I've hardly seen my kids and that they've been on electronics way to much and even when I do get the chance to be with them or have time to myself, I do nothing about it.  I haven't been great at being on top of things, this week.

I strongly dislike days like this.

Then I remember there's a cupcake, in the fridge, with my name on it.

I'm having a friend of mine do an energy healing thing on me, tonight.  I'm curious to see how it works.  I know it does; I've seen it in the life of someone, else.  I want it done to my children, too.  It wouldn't hurt if Matt had it done, I'm sure.  I wonder if he'd go for that...

I'm tired, a lot, these days.  I stay up too late.  I like staying up, late.  Until I feel guilty about doing it and regret it, the next day.

I didn't stay up, too late, last night, but I was still tired, today.  Lame.