Thursday, August 18, 2016


I forgot about this blog... that's how good I've been feeling.

I realized, rather quickly, that going off my meds would not be wise, at this time in my life.  It would take a lot of inner-focus and constant attention to myself.  I have four kids.  That's not realistic.  My son, in particular, needs me to be able to help him focus; having to focus myself, first, wouldn't be helpful.

Plus, I feel pretty fantastic.  So much, that I was seriously thinking I wasn't really sanity-challenged.  I have to think it's because of the meds... I don't recall ever really feeling like this.

My son, I have to say, has been doing so great, lately.  He still gets frustrated, but he's able to calm himself and stay somewhat rational (you know, for a 7 yr old) so he can still control his actions.  That has been such a huge blessing (and relief!).  He still sort of struggles with not getting overwhelmed, easily, but every once in a while, I'll see him taking a deep breath so he can refocus, all over, again.

I'm not naive, enough, to think things will always be this way... but I can hope.

I'm thankful I can focus on the moment; for modern medicine and its ability to aid me in this venture.

And I'm thankful to my Heavenly Father for helping me so I can partner with Him to help my son.

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