Tuesday, January 24, 2017

One more thing...

I found out I have a thyroid problem.  Hypothyroidism, to be more specific.

I've been tired since junior high.  Well, 9th grade.  I missed a lot of school because of this.  I slept through a lot of classes, because of this.  I thought it was because I was sick.

I wasn't.

I remember a nurse being quite rude when I (or my mom, can't remember) asked if it could be my thyroid.

Guess what, jerk - it was.

My doctor, now, actually listened to me.  I know we were in, quite a bit, when I was a teen.  We didn't know what was going on, only that I was depressed, gaining weight, and tired, all the time.  I was very physically active and didn't eat terribly... we were baffled.

My doc suggested a certain blood test be run that he said most physicians don't run.  It's a more specific test - I can't remember what it was, though, just that it showed him what's been plaguing me all these years.

So, I've been on medication, for this.  I think I'm still suffering symptoms, though.  It's frustrating because, what if what I'm feeling is a result of the other crap I face? What if it's a side effect from one of my meds? How can I tell what is causing it??


Onward, ever onward, I guess.

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