Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Damage Control

One of my more recent posts said some not-so-me things about someone I'm supposed to not say things like that, about.  Venting or not, I felt yucky about it.  So, I deleted it.  The rest of the post is still there.

This blog is about documenting my inner thoughts as I go through this trial.  It was never really meant for others to see.  I shared it because I wanted people to know why I've been flaky or overly-stressed and I got tired of having to explain myself.  I just wanted people to know.

I'm a very happy, optimistic, upbeat person.  I'm a good friend to others and love people.  I'm a good listener.  I have a strong testimony and try so very hard to be Christ-like.

Unfortunately, I'm not always so bright and shiny.  I'm flawed, just like everyone, else.  And I regret what I posted.

This is me doing my best to fix it.

The end.

**I know I said I wasn't going to let the Facebook world know when I posted things; I'm still not going to.  I just wanted to make this part of my thoughts known.

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